You look like you've

got it all together on the outside,

but do you feel like a hot mess

behind the curtain?


I've been there too. 


Hi, I'm Leah

My own struggles with self-sabotaging habits

(via food, alcohol, busyness, perfectionism, controlism)

led me to learn about how the brain works and become a Certified NeuroHealth Coach.


Now, my superpower is supporting

purpose-driven leaders like you to

master your own energy and habits,

so you can create success on your own terms & finally stop coming last in your own life. 


But I didn't discover my passion for helping others on this path without experiencing some

painful stumbles along my own...


I stood in the kitchen looking at him, dumbfounded, through the mist of tears that stung my eyes.


I’d been by my husband’s side through 16 years of his military career. We had moved from San Diego, to Seattle, to Long Beach, to Key West, and now New York City. I had bent over backwards to maneuver my remote medical career around relocations, deployments, and fulltime motherhood. To avoid the final bend that would break my back, I left the healthcare industry after seven years. I needed the flexibility of working for myself.


I had even managed an entire pregnancy while raising our then 3-year-old alone. The military had sent my husband to work in Cuba for 7 months.


But now he was telling me he wasn’t happy in our marriage.



My heart caught in my throat as I breathlessly waited for him to say what I expected next, “I want a divorce” …


The previous several months had been beyond challenging. The culture shock of moving to NYC from the Florida Keys was like living on another planet. Frenetic city energy had replaced the laid back island lifestyle.


I refused to dump my then kindergartener daughter onto a school bus alone in NYC. This led me to dive headfirst into an added role - homeschooling both of our kids. I'd volunteered in my kids' school classrooms often. My involvement in their education was nothing new…. Yet being completely and solely responsible for it was not only new, it was pretty dang terrifying.


My inner perfectionist came springing into action from the start.


Perfectionist Leah was also making her mark in other elements of my life.

My wellness coaching business was thriving. From the outside, it looked like I had it all together.


But, behind the scenes, I felt like a total failure. Trying to be a shining example for my clients, I expected myself to be perfect. Nothing I did felt ‘good enough.' I scrambled to do all the things, refusing to acknowledge that I needed help. I thought that would mean I'm weak. Meanwhile, I was too busy to notice that I was neglecting my husband.


By the time he had me waiting to exhale on this spring day in our NYC kitchen... 

I felt like my life had spun out of control.



Thankfully, the words I dreaded never came. Yet, I could not ignore his expression of discontent. To be honest, he wasn’t alone. At that moment I realized my marriage and business were not all that was suffering.


In my effort to be everything to everyone, I was also neglecting myself.


For almost a year, I had been physically ill, but several visits to specialists brought no solutions. The question of stress came up a couple times, but I didn’t feel stressed. I was feeling exhausted and unmotivated.

That wasn’t stress, was it? 

I sometimes felt overwhelmed, but that’s just normal life, right? I seemed to have the same challenges as everyone else, but they appeared to balance it all with no problems. I felt so frustrated. As I compared myself against others, I feared there must be something really wrong with me.



That day in the kitchen with my husband became my turning point. I realized Perfectionist Leah had morphed into Burnout Leah.


Maybe you can relate to Perfectionist Leah or Burnout Leah (or both)?


Burnout Leah felt like she was trudging through quicksand.


Quicksand is a scary and peculiar thing. The more you push against it, exert effort to free yourself from it, resist succumbing to it… the more stuck you get.


Burnout Leah worried that the weight of the world would come crashing down on her if she paused for even a moment. She was unaware that her self-neglect was actually sabotaging her effort to be the pillar of support she wanted everyone to be able to rely on.



That experience of burnout, six years ago, had me teetering on the edge. I almost lost my marriage and my business. I had completely lost sight of my power, and my joy. It was a turning point in both my personal and professional life.


Have you ever felt a desperate need to maintain control over every aspect of your external world? That's how I felt. My burnout experience taught me that harnessing the power of our own energy and habits is so much greater than grasping at control.


I learned the benefits of allowing myself to feel heard, valued, and nurtured... and stop running myself ragged by fighting myself every step of the way through life.


Healing my burnout led me to study the neuroscience of behavior, holistic stress management, self-leadership, and sustainable wellbeing practices.

Burnout Leah taught me the potency of making ourselves a top priority in our own lives.


She opened my eyes to the ripple effect that caring for ourselves has on relationships, wellbeing, and success.


She guided me toward my purpose of supporting others with self- leadership habits that go way beyond surface level.


I'm grateful for her, but I decided to never be her again.


I healed her and set her free so that I

never have to feel that self-defeating fight against quicksand again.


My guess is that something in my story resonates, because you’ve stayed with me this far. I’ll even go a step further and bet that you are a powerhouse as a leader and professional. Are you managing to look like you've got it all together on the outside, but feel like a hot mess behind the curtain? The burden of that secret eventually becomes too much to bear.


I want you to know you are more powerful than you realize - and that power comes not from force, but from surrender.


I'm grateful our paths have crossed.






Ready to take


to stop coming last in your own life?



Start here...

P.S. My husband and I continue to work on cultivating happiness in our marriage, now 20 years strong. We still homeschool our kids.


And I’m now able to maintain my professional success without sacrificing what matters most to me: showing up in full integrity for my marriage, family, friendships, client relationships, business, and myself.


A Personal Note - on the lighter side :) 


I treasure EXPERIENCES over “stuff,” hands down, no contest.
I believe a rich life & memories are made in DOing and BEing... not having. After all, stuff can be replaced. Time can’t.



I'm mom to two amazing kids: 15 and 10 years old.
We're in our 6th year of homeschooling and I love learning with them!



I'm a total neuroscience nerd who also loves a touch of witchy-woo. My intuition led me to currently researching evidence of the bridges between the two.


... And if this tidbit gives you no other insight but one thing-

I hope it's that I am the posterchild for 'not fitting into boxes' and redefining outdated societal norms.  




And… a few of my favorite things: 

  • Silky-smooth writing pens that don’t glop! 

  • Windchimes and church bells 

  • The peaceful energy of a silent sunrise

  • Farmers' markets

  • Astrology / tarot / human design

  • Street musicians 

  • Ornate architectural features like stained glass windows, antique crystal doorknobs, carved wooden doors

  • Nature & cityscape photography

  • Family road trips

  • Hiking and exploring the US National Parks

I look forward to getting to know you, too.