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When it comes to healthy eating, have you ever...


* felt overwhelmed with info  

* wondered how to start  

* struggled to stay consistent during times of high-stress 

* dreaded the battle with your kids & hubby  

* given up due to time & effort  

* skipped eating at all because you're too busy


$77 version includes Class recording via video + Complete Recipe Book
- NO Bonuses, Group Support, or Mentorship included with this version - 

Twelve years ago, a super eye-opening event happened in my life, and I realized "I need to start eating healthier NOW!" ...  


Even though I had a deep desire and strong motivation to change my habits, so many excuses came up for me.

➡️ I wasn't sure where to start.

➡️ Research brought up so much conflicting information.

➡️ I was already SOOOOOO busy! Adding on anothing thing to do felt nearly impossible!


It felt really overwhelming!  


Fortunately, my work in the medical field at the time helped me sort through the fad diets and health-food hype to find credible information.  

Yet, even with reliable information on WHAT to eat.... I struggled through figuring out the HOW.  


Since then, I've gained much education and experience with healthy eating - I even wrote a best-selling book, 'Eat to Beat Stress' - and have been coaching women on nutrition for the past 5+ years.


I've become an expert at making healthy eating SIMPLE, DELICIOUS, and FUN!  

💥 I will teach you how to do this too! 💥