Do you ever find yourself munching away on comfort foods
when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted?


Do you regularly experience:
mid-day fatigue / high-carb snack attacks / 
late-morning hangries

... and can't make it stop no matter what you try? 



Have you tried to eat healthier, but wish it could be simple?

(Like it doesn't have to take over your whole life?




Everyone experiences stress. It's a natural part of life.


There is no magic pill to make our stress *poof* go away!


Yet, in our 'instant fix' culture, many people try band-aid solutions, like caffeine or alcohol, or give in to misunderstood cravings (which are caused by the brain/body's survival response, but actually do more damage than good).


My purpose in writing this book was to share science-based evidence of the power of FOOD to fight stress. 


When speaking of stress eating, most people think of 'comfort foods.'


For you, it may conjure up images of a distraught woman sobbing as she digs her spoon into a quart of ice cream, or raiding the pantry for bread and cookies to soothe tense moments of frustration.


That is the way for many people.


But not for you.



You are ready for REAL SOLUTIONS with a proactive approach. 


With this book, you will learn how EASILY we can reduce, reverse, or eliminate the negative effects of stress, just by eating!


Stress-busting nutrition means you will choose foods with intention. It also means you will know specifically WHAT FOODS TO EAT that not only help you to feel nurtured and comforted in times of stress.... they also support your overall wellbeing and help you create SIMPLE stress-relief habits you can feel good about and stick with long-term. 


With this POWER PACK,you will receive: 

My BEST SELLING ebook, where you will learn how to: 

Break the harmful cycle of stress-related eating + reverse its negative effects on your health and happiness


Include these stress-busting foods in your family's daily diet


Get even more stress-relieving tips and techniques via bonus resources


Use 10 easy-to-find superfoods to prevent major stress symptoms, including: 

  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • weakened immunity
  • brain fog
  • moodiness
  • lack of concentration
  • anxiety 
  • restlessness

AND this complete

Breakfast Recipe Booklet: 

  • 10 quick & easy, family friendly recipes
  • 5-MINUTES-OR-LESS recipes!
  • Time-saving prep tips
  • Superfood ingredients for long-lasting energy and focus
  • Beautiful color photos of every recipe
  • Both sweet and savory meals to please every palate
  • BONUS Make-ahead recipes
    + tips for using each in a variety of meals & snacks

Get these 2 powerful books together, at a special price! 


You will quickly feel...

  • physical and mental relief from the effects of stress
  • reduced overwhelm
  • skyrocketed energy
  • improved mood, patience, calm
  • increased focus and mental clarity
  • more bliss as you enjoy fuss-free, delicious, nourishing foods with your family! 

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