Feel more calm, connected, focused energy in as

little as 7 days

Training By: Leah Borski, Certified NeuroHealth Coach

do you ever

find yourself pushing your own needs to the back burner? 

struggle to stay sane & productive as you juggle work and life?​ 

wish it were easier to stick to the high-performance habits you know you need?


reclaim control of energy, habits & work-life balance

in as little as 7 days

Simple Habits for Success

Self-Paced Practical Training

... just 30 minutes per day!



Each Module includes:

1 concise video training (less than 15 minutes)
1 quick mini action step (less than 15 minutes)

plan for 30 minutes total daily to complete video training + action step



This precision 7-module method provides results-driven action

so you can feel powerful benefits quickly! 

  • Relieve stress with easy microsteps

  • Learn simple hacks to take time for yourself without guilt

  • Receive easy-to-implement tools that fit into your life as it is

  • Use food to your advantage for optimal performance, body & mind

  • Get 3 SIMPLE practices to enjoy more energy than ever

  • Master easy methods to accomplish more with less effort!

  • Break free from self-defeating patterns
    (perfectionism, procrastination, escapism, punishment)

  • Unlock simple fixes to avoid the top 5 causes of burnout

$111/One time payment

sneak preview!

Peek Inside, Simple Habits for Success

What's Included:

MODULE 1: Why Self-Care Matters

  • Powerful mindset exercise to explore what self-care means to you at your core

  • Uproot deeply hidden beliefs and habits that keep you stuck in self-neglect mode

MODULE 2: Overcome that Frazzled & Fatigued Feeling

  • Uncover common self-care myths

  • Learn the one essential trick to smash blocks that prevent you from making yourself a priority

  • One simple mindset hack to get the most transformative results from this program  

MODULE 3: Banish The Burnout Factor

  • Surprising Signs of Burnout (You're Probably Experiencing Right Now)

  • Simple Fixes to Get Off the Burnout Path

  • 3 Vital Practices to Boost Energy, Relieve Stress, and Prevent Burnout

MODULE 4:  Choosing YOU

  • Embracing the Power of Intentional Choice

  • How to Cut the Clutter So You Have Time for What Matters Most

  • 3 Easy 'Me Time' Practices to Start Feeling Good NOW

MODULE 5: Restorative Rest & Relaxation -  Naturally

  • Foods, Herbs, and Minerals that Promote Restful Sleep

  • Indulgent (yet easy to implement) Calming Practices

  • Holistic Relaxation Remedies

MODULE 6: Enhanced Energy, Focus, Productivity - Naturally

  • Quick fix activities to boost your energy when you feel sluggish, unmotivated, bogged down

  • Foods and Supplements for Long-Lasting Energy

  • The Power of a Nourishing Breakfast (and quick recipes to get you started!)

MODULE 7:  Smooth Harmony of Work ~ Life ~ Self-Care

  • Learn my proven time hacks & healthy lifestyle prep strategies so you never run out of time for YOU 

  • Learn exactly how to blend the course practices into your real life with ease

Plus... enjoy these BONUS FEATURES

when you register now!

  • BONUS #1: 30-minute online 1:1 Strategy Session (value: $150)

    ​(following completion of program)

    We'll walk together through my proven habit transformation process to identify your Top 3 sticking points and map out your next practical action steps to get you moving forward to your next level.


  • BONUS #2: Simple Habits for Success Companion Workbook (value $47)

    (including checklists, affirmations, journal prompts, and more!)


  • BONUS #3: 10 Stress-Busting Breakfasts Recipe Book (value $10)

    Delicious, nourishing, and most READY IN 3 MINUTES OR LESS!!!


  • BONUS #4: Customizable Self-Care Planner (value $27)

    Done-for-you template to create your​ PERSONALIZED self-care plan

    You get the key to the vault: all video trainings, companion workbook, recipe book, and self-care planner (value: priceless!)

Simple Habits for Success

Achieve better balance and reach your goals, by taking a little time for YOU too.

Say YES to YOU! 


  • Make yourself a priority too

    (I'll show you how to LET GO of the GUILT & OVERWHELM)

  • Master your habits

    (no matter how much you procrastinate, rebel, or expect perfection of yourself)

About your instructor

$111/One time payment

Includes ALL video lessons, supplemental materials, BONUS materials (including 1:1 strategy session!)


What clients say

I really enjoyed Leah’s program. The simple changes that I put in place with the program years ago, are still sending positive ripples through all these parts of my life!


I feel more patient with my kids... more supported & connected with my partner... smashing personal & professional goals, then progressing to the next level... and tuning into myself in ways I'd never even considered, to honor my truest needs & deepest desires. 


I would absolutely refer my friends to Leah.

Kerri Gray Miller

Founder of Feng Shui Pathways / Author, “Feels Better. Flows Better. Feng Shui for Inspired Living”

Mom of tween twins 

Leah is a great coach with so much insight. I have more time and not a panicked mess!

Deanna Henderson

Creative Director, Interior Design

Mom of tween twins

If you have perfectionistic tendencies, the thought of how to work self-care into an already busy schedule can become overwhelming, which is self defeating and leads to giving up.


The workshop was easy to work through since the videos were short and straight to the point. She really breaks it down into manageable tidbits to make it easy and not overwhelming! 


Overall, I was very pleased with what I learned and would definitely recommend this course to others.

Jessica Perez

Military Spouse 

Homeschooling mom of 10

I'm loving the focus and message of your workshop. I'm learning to create better balance through self care... remind myself to let go of perfection and guilt, and get better at asking for help.

Thanks Leah!

Yvonne Lee-Hawkins

Senior HRBP / Author, "Journey to Success: How to Create the Life You Love"
Mom of 3



Microsteps, Massive Reward

Weave petite-but-potent changes into your busy life with ease 


Get actionable microsteps to progress at your own pace


Mind-body approach to success habits that improve happiness, wellbeing, and work-life balance

$111/One time payment

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